Endless Opportunities

Recently I heard a businessman explain to me that his working time was worth “$100 per hour.” Because of that, he wanted to make sure that he was using his time in the most effective ways possible to better his business. In the realm of business, this is crucially important. But, in life, if we think our time is worth “x” amount of dollars per hour then we’re not spending it right! Continue reading “Endless Opportunities”

Are You Worn Out?

There is a war being fought all around us. It is not one in the physical realm, but it is taking place in the spiritual realm that exists all around us. It is the war between good and evil; between God and the Devil. And they are fighting for you. The Bible is clear about what the enemy’s motive is. Jesus says in John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy…”(NIV). He is good at what he does and he is looking to cause you harm. Continue reading “Are You Worn Out?”

Are You Bored of Christianity?

For this week’s post, I have asked my friend Miriam, writer of the blog Crafted By Christ, to share a guest post with you all. I hope you are as challenged as I was to claim authentic faith and dive deeper into my relationship with Jesus. Be sure to subscribe to her blog here to further discover how you can craft your life to better represent Jesus!

Great post, Miriam! I pray that you will continue to run the race God has marked out for you! Keep up the good work! Continue reading “Are You Bored of Christianity?”

The Victory of Christ and the Rood

I know this is not two weeks since my latest post but I wanted to share an analysis I wrote about the poem, The Dream of the Rood, that I shared with you all last week. As I mentioned last week, this poem was the inspiration for my latest post. (There is a link to the poem located at the bottom of this post) Continue reading “The Victory of Christ and the Rood”